Forum Title: Remove single pane window and replacing with thermal pane
My windows are in good condition and I would like to replace the existing single pane glass with thermal pane, has anyone accomplished this?
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: RHONDA GILBERT (Oakland, CA), 01/14/2019

They sell a caulk softener that you squeeze on like toothpaste...but not sure how it would affect any exposed wood. It will definitely soften paint.

- JUSTIN MORRIS (Bristol, CT), 02/25/2019

There's no room to fit a thermo pane into a standard opening. It would be to thick. Even if you did do it you still would have leaking spaces on the sides and where the two sahes meet, plus still have to reglaze and repaint the windows all the time. Just replace the whole thing with a replacement window. It's about a 15 min. job once you figure out how to do the first one.

- Nick L (Washington, DC), 02/25/2019

...... unless you are trying to restore windows on a historical home. I saw on TV once where they retro fitted 100 yr old windows with double glazing. I think they just routed out the window large enough to insert the double pane..... but that show was several yrs ago and my memory isn't always the best

- GLEN ALVARADO (Champaign, IL), 02/02/2019

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