Forum Title: Replacing aluminum windows with vinyl in aluminum siding do I caulk j channel?
Hello I am getting ready to replace 4 aluminum windows with vinyl windows. I will be removing the aluminum siding and using new construction windows. With the new construction windows I would use flashing tape on pan first then the top and side flanges after installing the window. My question is does the aluminum siding go in the window's built in J-channel? Home depot guy told to make j channel fillers with aztek plastic trim and caulk them? This makes no since to me. Do I caulk the J-channel tops and sides to prevent water from getting behing the siding. My house has that Thermoply foil cardboard stuff under the aluminum siding. I thought if water gets behind the siding the thermoply is the water barrier? The current aluminum windows have no j channel and the aluminum siding is caulked as it buts up to the windows(looks like hell). Residing in vinyl is not an option at this time. I cant afford 18 windows and siding right now. My thought is to replace windows first(bad seals, cant see through some of them, icy, sweats) then after all are replaced in few years replace the siding with vinyl. Thank you Jay
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: ANGEL BYRD (Albany, NY), 01/30/2019

I haven't had to wrestle those in a while, but my Mom's house has them along the back windows. On hers, the crank housing is held to the window frame with screws like you describe on replacements. I think all I would have to do is take the screws out. You may very well have to use the method you're describing. Seems kind of odd not to be manufactured so as to allow servicing.

- Nick L (Washington, DC), 02/03/2019

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