Forum Title: Transom window repair options (with pictures)
Hi, I have a broken transom window. I am wondering what is the best repair option I have? It's double paned and the inside pane didn't break. I'm not sure if this window was sealed (hermetically?) or not or had argon gas for insulation prior? Is it enough to pop out the trim, cut out the glazing and just replace the glass? Or would a complete new transom window unit be required for a proper fix? If replacing the unit, how would I remove it? Thanks for any insights!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: Hannah Morris (Newark, NJ), 01/25/2019

Depending on which style of hinge...make sure you have unlocked them. I think the older ones had a setscrew...but that may have been for in and out adjustment. Check the instructions on the website for your style. have to adjust all of them...not just the bottom. Turn the bottom a few times...then the middle an equal amount..then the top (if all 3 are adjustable). Cranking a bunch on just one will cause it to bind when the others hit the stops. 3-4 full turns is probably all the way to the limit. It's kind of a pain till you get the hang of it. When I had to do a bunch...I wound up adapting a cordless screwdriver and flex extension with an allen bit. That 1/4 turn at a time can get old.

- KELLY PAGE (San Jose, CA), 02/27/2019

Thanks for the reply. I got up there and popped off the stops. There isn't much to this window. Another cheap window my builder used. It should be easy enough to get out and now I just need to find a replacement.

- RONALD LOPEZ (Round Rock, TX), 03/04/2019

Just take it to a local glazier. They can duplicate the IGU pretty well.

- ROBERT WILLIAMS (Elgin, IL), 03/01/2019

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